"Feel the structure" MSA

Dear Friend,

Here i am attaching a valuable excel sheet for the design of isolated footing with actual surcharge /earth filling weight calculated in the same sheet. Generally, as a designer, we take 10% of total axial load for self weight of footing and filling but when you will actually calculate surcharge/filling weight & self weight of footing, it will be 30% to 40% and in some cases it may even  be 50%.

        Hence, it is better to calculate self wight of footing and filling weight instead of taking it 10% of total axial load (1.1xP).

From here, download this excel sheet which will automatically take filling and self weight of footing when you put size and thickness of footing.

Download Excel Sheet for the design of Design of Isolated footing with actual surcharge /filling load.


Mohammad Sohel Akhtar(MSA)

(Structural Engineer)