"Feel the structure"MSA

Dear friends,

As Explained in Series-IV, i am here by uploading deflection  calculation for cantilever beams for a load for a particular regions instead of whole region of beams. I will recommend all structural engineers not to remember general formula. Please go through easy steps which will help you to derive easily for calculation for deflection for  any kind of loads in a beams (either point load, udl,concentrated moments).To grasp whole concept, please go through Series-I to V.

Download pdf from the below mentioned link.

Download PDF for deflection of beam for load at particular region of beam

                   Now Enjoy this Series and will be back with very interesting examples on analysis of continuous  beams , frames etc. with Moment Distribution Method (MDM)  and will also upload examples on analysis of beams for rolling load based on Influence Line Diagram(ILD).

Please download from here for deflection calculation for beams.

Download pdf for deflection Calculation for Beams, Series


Mohammad Sohel Akhtar(MSA)

(Structural Engineer)