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       In this series-1, i have come up with very simple example with a cantilever beam with point load and distributed load and calculated maximum deflection at tip of beam with different methods. Well known method that i have used to calculate deflection  are:

                     1.   Unit load method /Virtual Method

                     2.   Moment Area Method

                     3.   Strain energy Method(Based on Castigliano's Method)

                     4.   Conjugate beam method

         In this attached sheet, i have solved very simple two examples with above four method. Whatever method is best suited to you, you can adopt it and all of these will give same result. I have give name, Series-1 because i will upload many examples for calculation for deflection of beams  which will come in another Series like Series-2, Series-3 etc.

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          In order to create interest to readers, i have come with very simple examples. Definitely you are going to learn few new things.Please read the whole attachment.

           Structural engineers are more concerned about to check deflection for cantilever beams and lateral drifting of whole structure due to wind or earthquake. All buildings are vertical cantilevers. As a structural engineers, our main assignment is to check maximum drifting at the top floor. This calculation could be carried out with simple calculation. By taking shear walls as a single entity and attracting definite portion of earthquake load, having flexural rigidity  "EI", and height "h" , we can calculate deflection at the top floor to check whether deflection at the top floor is under permissible limit or not.

         We will go in deep to earthquake and wind loading topic in my later blogs.

Here, please download attached examples on deflection calculation for cantilever beams with various method explained above.



Mohammad Sohel Akhtar(MSA)

(Structural Engineer)