"Feel the structure" MSA

This blog is for all all structural engineers who generally need to estimate quantity of reinforcement to justify whether design is economical or not.It will also help quantity surveyor(QS Engineer)

I am very much delighted to share you an excel sheet for bar bending schedule(BBS) which is a very helpful and handy tools for any structural engineer to evaluate whether design of structural members are under the limit of industry norms as far as wight of reinforcement in terms of Kg/sqft or Kg/m3.

In order to convinced client, we as a structural engineer need to furnish BBS so that client may agree with our design. In this excel sheet of BBS, i have shown an example for calculation for footing & column.I will upload BBS for slab and beams in my next blog.

Although BBS is done by Quantity Surveyor(QS) but we should also know it so that we can check BBS made by QS Engineer.

Now please find excel sheet for BBS from the below link.

Download Excel Sheet For BBS for Footing & Column


Mohammad Sohel Akhtar(MSA)

(Structural Engineer)