Advantage of using Pre-Engineered (PEB) Buildings over Conventional Steel Buildings

With this lecture, you will be able to understand, how it is more cost effective as well as less time time taking in fabrication and erections as far as using PEB(Pre-Engineered Building) construction over conventional steel is concerned. I am attaching here the lecture content in pdf as well in PPT.

Gable End & Intermediate frame of PEB


Also abstract of  total steel used in PEB as well as in conventional steel have been highlighted. With this, you will be able to understand, how weight is drastically reduced if  PEB designed concept is used. One example has taken to differentiate between the two by keeping building configuration same.

PEB VS ConventionalSteel Building in Tabular Form

Building(PEB)Conventional Building
Erection Cost & TimeBoth cost & time of erection is
accurately known based on
extensive experience with
similar buildings. PEBs are
often erected by specialized
builders. PEB builders usually
have stock of standard
components in their camps
enabling them to complete jobs
on time. Erection process is
easy, fast, step by step and with
hardly any requirement for
Typically they are 20% more
expensive than PEB. In most
of the cases, erection time &
cost is not estimated
Structural WeightPre-Engineered buildings on the
average 30% lighter through the
efficient use of steel. Primary
framing members are tapered
(varying depth) built-up plate
sections with larger depths in
the areas of highest stress.
Secondary members are light
gage (light weight) roll formed
(low labor cost) “Z” or “C”
shaped members.
Primary steel members are
selected from standard hot
rolled “I” sections, which
are, in many segments of the
members, heavier than what
is actually required by
design. Members have
constant cross-sections
regardless of varying
magnitude of the local
stresses along the member
Secondary members
are selected from standard
hot rolled “I” or “Channel
“sections which are heavier.

For Seeing detailed sample calculation, refer attached link for pdf.

Total weight of structural steel used in PEB building =27.8 MT
Total weight of structural steel used in Conventional steel building =38.4MT
% age saving = (38.4-27.8)/27.8×100=38.1, say 38 %
Hence, in this comparative study of steel used in PEB and conventional steel building, it is found
that the steel can be saved up to 39 %.

Conclusion: In general practice, on an average, as compared to conventional building, percentage
of steel is saved up to 30 % in PEB
Other advantage of PEB as compared to conventional steel building has explained above
in tabular form.

Download Lecture in Pdf.

Dwonload lecture abstract in PPT.

From above discussion, it is concluded that Pre-Engineered Building is far more advantageous than conventional steel building. It saves time & money.

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