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In continuation to Series-(I) & Series-(II) for the deflection calculation for uniformly distributed loading and triangular loading, now read this article here for the deflection calculation for a cantilever beam for trapezoidal loading.

 Here an example has been solved for a trapezoidal loading with an intensity of load “w” at the tip of beam and “2w” at the fixed end of the cantilever beam.

Download pdf from below link

Download PDF for deflection Calculation for beam subjected to trapezoidal loading

             Deflection has been calculated by Unit Load Method/Virtual Method by superposition principle. Please go through the example to understand better about the concept. As said in my previous blog,it is highly recommended to understand the fact ,why do we study trapezoidal loading and where is it’s application. Actually whenever you will design foundation for a column subjected to  axial load along with moment,base pressure diagram will not be uniform. Because base pressure at one end will be maximum ( P/A+M/Z )and at other end it will be minimum( P/A-M/Z).Where, P= Axial Force, A= Total Area, M=Bending Moment, Z= Section Modulus.Connecting with a line for maximum and minimum value of pressure will give a pressure diagram which is trapezoidal in shape. Same thing happens when you design a base plate  or anchor plate having column subjected with axial load & moment. Base  pressure is  generated from top of pedestal in the same way.

              So, it is essential to know, how to calculate bending moment and deflection at critical section for the design of footing or base plate which is subjected to axial load along with moment. In this blog, i have tried to explain same thing with an example.

Note: My blog is not for those who are addicted to software only like STAAD, ETABS, SAFE, SAP2000, ANSYS etc. and many more.People who believe in, put the value and get the result is suggested not to read my blog.It is not going to help them. Certainly, my blog is going to help a lot to those people who believe in manual calculation.To be a good structural engineer, it is better to be more focused & monomaniacal to manual calculation & check rather than software addiction.It will help you to feel the structure.

            So far, i have discussed very basic topics and step by step will gradually be moving to advanced one.Right now enjoy.

Please download attachment from the below mentioned link.

Download PDF for deflection Calculation for beam subjected to trapezoidal


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