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In Continuation to Series-1 for the deflection calculation for Cantilever beams, now i am going to share you with an example of cantilever beam subjected to to triangular loading.This series is titled as “Series-II” .As a structural engineer, you are always going to evaluate deflection calculation for vertical cantilever (assembling of  walls and columns) for earth and water retaining purpose.In that case, triangular loading is common. It’s calculation is quite easy. In this section too, i am going to solve an example with three standard methods like:

            1. Unit Load Method

            2. Moment Area Method

            3. Conjugate Beam Method

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            Whichever method is most suitable to you, adopt it accordingly. Although, many Structural Engineer know much in depth about it but i am sure this section is going  to bring them all to the basic and certainly they will find something very new in this.Also,it will help them to refresh their basic knowledge. Apart from this,this example is going to be a very big boost to the beginner. Actually in college days,civil engineers solve deflection for different loading but without knowing reason and practical application & they generally do not not know why there is a different loading pattern for different circumstances.Now they will understand, why they were used to solve numerical on triangular loading. Genuinely, at that time of academic level, purpose was not clear but after coming to practical field, they will understand,why it is essential to know application of different load patterns like point loads, uniformly distributed load, triangular load, trapezoidal load,concentrated moment etc.at different circumstances.

            I hope you will understand through this example. Please download attached example sheet for the same from below from download pdf.

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Mohammad Sohel Akhtar(MSA)

(Structural Engineer)

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