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Dear friends, in continuation of previous blog in which i have shared one of the most valuable excel sheet for the design of isolated footing. Now i am going to share another most valuable excel sheet for the design of combined footing.It is verified.Just download it & enjoy.

Download Excel sheet for the design of Combined Footing for equal overhang 

                                                   In this sheet for the design of combined footing for equal over hang , analysis is shown in the same sheet & on the basis of analysis,design come automatically in the same sheet with BMD. As an input,you need to put reaction of two columns, centre to centre distance between two columns, SBC and rest of the out put like +ve and -ve moment,base pressure and thickness checking for one way and two way will  come automatically. Also, reinforcement detailing with diameter and spacing at bottom and top of footing will come automatically. Dude, enjoy working with this sheet.

                                                     Hey there,you will be surprised, why i am sharing verified design excel sheet. Because i want to help many young engineers who wants to make career as a structural engineer.Also, many working professional will get benefit from this.Whats wrong, if i believe in sharing valuable documents for which many working structural engineers and aspirants waste time searching for free excel sheet.Hey, guys, now you don’t need to waste time in searching for  free excel design sheet.In this world, no body will provide you free excel sheet.Every source will direct you to pay something for the download. Now you can download for free.

                                                      I believe in the fact, a leader’s work is to create more leaders.In this world of mediocrity, victim hood and criticism, even if a single person is  benefited in this world with this share, it will give me immense pleasure.

Guys, in this series, i will also upload, verified design excel sheet for pile and pile cap, anchor bolt & base plate. After this, foundation part will be completed.

                                                      After completing uploading design excel sheet for foundation, i will share you manual analysis tricks for analysis of deflection for various structural elements, RCC design of structural elements, various literature on earthquake and wind.

Download Excel sheet for the design of Combined Footing for equal overhang 


Mohammad Sohel Akhtar(MSA)

(Structural Engineer)

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